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Sweetgum Pods / Sweetgum Balls

Hand-Sorted Superior Quality. You do NOT get anything broken or crushed!
 We Guarantee Each and Every Hand-Picked Pod and Cone we Count!

Sweetgum Balls - Sweetgum Pods - Sweet Gum for Crafts

Sweetgum Pods - Sweet Gum Balls

Sweetgum - Liquidambar Styraciflua.
Sweetgum Balls, Sweetgum Pods, Spiked gum balls, Gum balls... Whatever you call them, we got 'em!
Round balls with spikes. Medium rusty to coco brown in color. What other's see as a nuisance, we see as awesome craft material.
We love to create Sweetgum Ornaments, Wreaths and Trees!!

Regular/Medium Size Sweetgum Pods - 100 for $6.00 | 500 for $30.00

Small Size Sweetgum for Ornaments 1" -   100 for $5.00 | 500 for $25.00
Large Size 1-1/2"+ - 100 for $7.00 | 500 for $35.00