best pinecones and pods for craft projects

Pine Cones

Small to Medium Size Pinecones for Crafts

Scotch Pine ~ Austrian Black Pine ~ Fancy Pitch Pine~ Regular Pitch / Shortleaf Pine ~ Norway Red Pine ladybug

Scotch Pinecones

Scotch Pine Cones

Also called Scots Pine. 1" to 2" tall. 1" to 1" diameter. Small round cone.
Pinecones are Blonde, Browns with Red or Grey colors.
Scotch Cones have a small pyramid prickle and a rounded bottom.
Beautiful small cones for wreaths and crafts!
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100 for $16.00 ladybug

Austrian Black Pinecones

Austrian Black Pinecones - Austrian Black Cones at

Austrian Black Pinecones
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Austrian Pine / Austrian Black Pine is also known as European Black Pine.
2" to 3" tall. Egg Shaped. Blonde to medium brown colored thick tips.
Dark on the inside. Small prickle. These always go quick!

Small - 1” to 1-1/2” tall 100 for $17.00
Regular - approx 2” tall 100 for $18.00
Large - up to 3” tall  100 for $20.00

Wow! That was fast - SORRY - JUST SOLD OUT! ladybug

FANCY Pitch Pine Cones

~ Exquisite Color ~ Rare Find ~
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Blonde to Creamy Burnt Orange round cone. Looks Like a Beautiful Flower!

Regular size ~ 1" to 2" tall.   1" to 2" diameter.
100 for $20.00

Extra Large Fancy Pitch ~ up to 3" x 3"
10 for $5.00 ladybug

Pitch / Shortleaf Pine Cones

Pitch Pinecones & Shortleaf Pinecones are quite similar.
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1" to 3" tall.   1" to " diameter.
Blonde, Reddish Brown to Grey in color.  Full round cone.
100 for $17.00 ladybug

Norway Red Pine Cones

Norway Red Pinecones
1" to 2" tall x 2" wide. 
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Sturdy little round cone.  Cream colored tips.  Red to Brown inside.
Fabulous cone for wreaths and decorations! 100 for $14.00 ladybug

It may seem like we are always sold out when you stop by.
Because we offer such high quality pinecones, most of our clients prefer to PRE-ORDER their Pine cones to make sure they get the amount they want! We do fill all those orders first after harvesting. If there are any left, then we will post them to our site.