Pinecones & Podz - Pine Cones and Pods for Nature Crafting

Pinecone Petals for Crafting

Cedar Rose Petals

Cedar Rose Petals

Petals from the Deodor Cedar Rose cones.

These are super for crafting!

100 for $4.00

Pine Cone Petals

Pine Cone Petals for Crafting and Art Projects at

Austrian Black Pinecones and Shortleaf Pine Cone Petals for Crafting

Pulling and cutting pine cone petals is very time consuming! We have gotten quite good at it over the years,
so much so that we created PineCone Petal Kits for Martha Stewart.  Ya, no kidding!

300 count bags of Austrian Black and Shortleaf Pine Cone Petals are Hand-Sorted for High Quality.
You do NOT get anything broken or split!


300 Pinecone Petals per Bag - $9.00