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Eastern White Pine Cones

Eastern White Pinecones

Eastern White Pine cones at Pinecones & Podz
Long slender cone with natural white tips!

You will NOT get broken, grey, split or missing petal cones!

Harvesting Starts Late October!

Regular Eastern White Pine Cones - 3-1/2" to 5" Pine Cone ~ 100 for $17.00

Large Eastern White Pinecones - 6" to 7" Pine Cones ~ 100 for $22.00
Preorder pinecones and pods at

PLEASE PREORDER for the Holidays!

It may seem like we are always sold out when you stop by.
Most of our clients PRE-order their Pinecones.
We fill those orders FIRST after harvesting.

Need a Larger Cone
than the
Eastern White Pinecone?

Click Link to Look at our
Himalayan Pine / Bhutan Pine Cones.


Regular & Himalayan
Immature / Closed
White Pine Cones

Regular 3" - 5" long
Immature Closed Pine Cone
50 for 5.00

Large 6" to 8" long
Immature Closed Pine Cones
10 for $2.00

Eastern White Pine Cone Duds - PPZ