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Eastern White Pine Cones

Eastern White Pinecones

Eastern White Pinecone Sizes at Pinecones & Podz
Long slender cone with natural white tips!

You will NOT get broken, grey, split or missing petal cones!
Preorder pinecones and pods at
Harvesting Starts Mid to Late October!

Regular Eastern White Pine Cones - 3" to 5" Pine Cone ~ 100 for $17.00

Large Eastern White Pinecones 
- 6" to 7" Pine Cones ~ 100 for $22.00

PLEASE PREORDER for the Holidays!

It may seem like we are always sold out when you stop by.
Most of our clients PRE-order their Pinecones.
We fill those orders FIRST after harvesting.

Need a Larger Cone
than the
Eastern White Pinecone?

Look at our
Himalayan Pine / Bhutan Pine Cones.


Regular & Himalayan
Immature / Closed
White Pine Cones

Regular 3" - 5" long
Immature Closed Pine Cone
50 for 5.00

Large 6" to 8" long
Immature Closed Pine Cone
10 for $2.00

Eastern White Pine Cone Duds - PPZ