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Northeastern Native Conifers Poster

Printed in USA on quality recycled, process chlorine-free paper
24" x 18" - $15.00 - Laminated $25.00
{Our Company name is not printed on the poster, as shown.}

The Conifer and Pine Cone ID Poster Field Guide is both Beautiful and Educational.
Great Resource for Hikers, Schools, Camps and Organizations!

Print Features:

• All native conifers of Northeast USA

• Trees are proportionately illustrated in a grove-like setting

• A border features close-ups of each tree's cone and foliage

• Common & botanical names

• Illustrated by Michael Lee

Conifers included on print:

• Eastern White Pine • Jack Pine
• Shortleaf Pine • Spruce Pine
• Table Mountain Pine • Pitch Pine
• Tamarack • Black Spruce • Red Spruce
• White Spruce • Eastern Hemlock
• Balsam Fir • Northern White Cedar
• Atlantic White Cedar • Common Juniper
• Creeping Juniper • Eastern Red Cedar
• American Yew • Loblolly Pine • Red Pine

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